Hydro-4. Innovation in watering.

Claber has looked carefully at the features of modern green spaces and the needs of gardening and horticulture enthusiasts, and come up with a brand new solution: HYDRO-4.

A timer and 4 solenoid valves housed in a compact and fully watertight valve box, suitable for installation underground or above ground, providing easy and efficient watering on up to 4 lines for the most common gardens and vegetable patches: up to 700 square metres.

The HYDRO-4 system is battery-powered and requires no electrical connections. It is already factory-set for wireless connection to the RF Rain Sensor, designed to save precious water.

A new way of watering, and your satisfaction will bloom

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A handy and ready-to-use solution for watering medium-size gardens (up to around 700 square metres) with maximum versatility and reliability. Hydro-4 is a valve-box guaranteed IP68 protection, the highest level of protection against water, damp and dust, containing a battery-powered timer and 4 solenoid valves. Given its compact dimensions, HYDRO-4 can be installed either underground, without deep digging, or above ground.
Connections to the water supply and the irrigation system are extremely easy to set up, whilst there is no need to connect HYDRO-4 to the mains power. HYDRO-4 can be fitted with 1/2" main tube, compression couplings and Colibrì micro-sprinklers, or with 20 mm main tube, Quick-Click couplings and medium range pop-up sprinklers. The unit can also be connected to a drip irrigation line or a dripper tube. It can operate up to 4 independent watering lines, meeting any requirement for lawns, flower-beds, potted plants, hedges and vegetable gardens.

  • ready-to-use
  • battery powered
  • for most common gardens (up to 700 m2)
  • watertight valve box and timer rated IP68
  • versatile programming with just 3 buttons and a large display
  • factory-set for wireless connection to RF rain sensor

Technical specifications

Preassembled valve box provided with timer. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, enough to last an entire season. On/off control for up to 4 independent underground or drip irrigation lines. Easy programming procedure, using just 3 buttons and a large display. Watering time from 1 to 60 minutes. 2 programmes for each line, up to 4 watering cycles per day. Weekly setting, allowing exclusion of single days. Manual test of 5 minutes, editable as the watering times. Enclosure rating IP68: submersible and watertight. Bimaterial rubber protective cover and buttons. Facility of viewing and deleting programmes entered for each line. 3/4" M connections on both inlet and outlet sides. Wireless connection to radio frequency Rain Sensor. 2 threaded caps provided for unused outlets. 4 bistable solenoids. Flow rate on all lines: 25 l/m at 2.5 bar. Operating pressure: 0.2 - 12 bar. Operating temperature: +3 to +60 °C. Dimensions: diameter 200 – height 153 mm.

  • Inlet thread diameter: ¾"
  • Outlet thread diameter: ¾"
  • Control: open/close
  • Portata: 25 l/min
  • Flow rate: 2,5 bar
  • Input voltage: 3 V
  • Outputs: 4
  • Programmes:
  • Frequency of watering cycles: 8 per day
  • Duration of watering cycle: 1 min to 60 min
  • Rain sensor: radio frequency
  • Power supply: 2xAAA battery
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Instructions for use

  • 1. Easy to install

    HYDRO-4 can be installed underground, without deep digging thanks to its compact dimensions, or simply placed above ground, with no worries for bad weather or dust, as it is completely watertight and dust-proof.
  • 2. Instant connections

    HYDRO-4 can be connected quickly to an outlet or a tap with 25 mm, 20 mm and 16 mm Claber hoses, which can be purchased separately together with the relative couplings, in order to set up to 4 independent underground, drip or above-ground irrigation lines.
  • 3. Versatile programming

    With the HYDRO-4 timer, the user can set 2 different watering programmes for each of the 4 lines connected. The timer is programmed using just three buttons and a large display.
  • 4. Minimal maintenance

    At the end of the season, simply turn off the water, drain all the lines manually and remove the timer, which should then be stored in a place sheltered from frost; remove the batteries from the timer and fit new ones the next time HYDRO-4 is used.
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100% Italian passion and research

The maximum protection against water and dust

2 x AAA batteries, sufficient for an entire season

The Masters of Water

HYDRO-4 is an original product made by Claber, the “Masters of Water”: an Italian brand always at the forefront in the world of home and professional irrigation.

Like all Claber products, this innovative and versatile solution was developed and tested at the Water Academy: a research centre sorrounded by the green, housed in an old hydroelectric station, where new ideas for efficient and eco-friendly irrigation are developed everyday.

HYDRO 4 is made entirely in Italy at Claber manufacturing facility: a Total Quality product certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and reflecting the latest technology in energy saving, waste sorting and use of select and recyclable raw materials.

With HYDRO-4, the future of watering is already here!

Certified ingress protection IP 68

More than watertight: HYDRO-4 valve box is manufactured following strict IP 68 certification criteria, guaranteeing total protection against dust and perfect watertightness (resistant to immersion to a depth of one metre and to water splashes).

The timer inside the valve box, featuring protective cover and bimaterial rubber front panel, is also certified IP68: a double protection for utmost reliability, in all conditions.

Battery powered operation

HYDRO-4 electronic timer is powered by 2 x 1.5 volt AAA alkaline batteries: no connection to the mains are required.

The ideal solution for a versatile and complete DIY watering system, able to meet every requirement: from the garden and the vegetable patch of your house to the needs of your holiday home.

Thanks to its technology, HYDRO-4 features low energy consumption: just 2 AAA batteries are sufficient for the whole warm season.



With HYDRO-4, a tailor-made underground watering system can be installed easily in any garden up to 700 m2. It can be used with Colibrì micro-sprinklers, Claber pop-up or turbine sprinklers, to cover any surface and meet every watering requirement.

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An underground system is the most convenient for watering the lawn and garden plants, saving precious water while also adding value to the house. Hydro-4 enables an extremely flexible and easy management of an underground irrigation system with up to 4 independent watering lines, installed in a medium or medium-to-large size garden.

Example of system with Hydro-4 installed underground, connected with Quick-Click couplings to ½” main tubes and Colibrì micro-sprinklers.

What you need:

  • Hydro-4
  • 100 m of 1/2" hose
  • 14 Colibrì micro-sprinklers 180°
  • 7 Colibrì micro-sprinklers 360°

Example of system with Hydro-4 installed underground, connected with compression connectors to 20 mm main tubes and medium range turbine sprinklers.

What you need:

  • Hydro-4
  • 100 m of 20 mm hose
  • 13 medium-range turbine sprinklers


For users seeking the ultimate in simplicity, but also in versatility and convenience, HYDRO-4 can be installed above ground and connected to above-ground sprinklers for the lawn, to a dripper tube for watering hedges and flower-beds, and to a drip irrigation line for potted plants.

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Above-ground irrigation is the simplest way to meet the watering needs of your house garden, for example if you are not looking for a complex system, or if it is destined to a holiday home. Thanks to its IP68 certified enclosure rating, Hydro-4 can be installed everywhere above ground, as the "brain" of a watering system that will be easy to install, yet always versatile and efficient.

schema di impianto

What you need:

  • Hydro-4
  • oscillating sprinklers
  • dripper tube
  • hose, couplings and accessories

4 lines:

  1. above-ground irrigation over the lawn
  2. irrigation of flower-bed
  3. above-ground irrigation over the lawn
  4. irrigation of hedges


The HYDRO-4 system is also ideal for vegetable gardens, connecting up to 4 lines using micro and drip irrigation, which will provide exactly the right amount of water to each plant, at the best time of the day: usually early morning or in the evening, in order to avoid wasting water through evaporation.

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Irrigation in a vegetable garden must meet the natural moisture requirements of different species in different seasons, without wasting water and leaving puddles on the soil, which are bad for the health of the plants and for the crop. The flexibility of the Hydro-4 system means that users can programme the duration of each watering cycle, exploiting the accuracy of drippers or the natural rain effect of micro-sprinklers.

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What you need:

  • Hydro-4
  • drippers
  • shrubblers
  • dripper tube
  • micro-sprinklers on spike
  • hoses, couplings and accessories

4 Lines for watering vegetable crops


Thanks to the possibility of operating up to 4 independent lines, HYDRO-4 covers every watering requirement for both flower and vegetable gardens. In practice, the installation can include one or two underground, drip or above ground irrigation lines for the lawn and potted plants, as well as two drip or micro irrigation lines for vegetable crops.

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More and more nowadays, a passion for gardening goes along with the love for growing vegetables: two different ways to enjoy the contact with nature at home with different requirements in terms of watering. Hydro-4 can meet them both, easily and efficiently, operating up to 4 independent underground, drip or above-ground irrigation lines.

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What you need:

  • Hydro-4
  • oscillating sprinklers
  • Colibrì 180°
  • Colibrì 360°
  • drippers
  • adjustable shrubbler
  • hoses, couplings and accessories

4 lines:

  1. underground watering for lawn
  2. above-ground watering for lawn
  3. watering of vegetable garden
  4. watering of vegetable garden


Water is a precious resource for plants in the garden and for the whole of Nature.
Which means that not a single drop should be wasted!
HYDRO-4 is factory-set for wireless connection to the RF Rain Sensor, which will suspend the current watering programme automatically in case of rain; when the weather turns fine again, the programme resumes likewise automatically.

The RF Rain Sensor — which can be purchased separately — makes the irrigation even more eco-friendly, efficient and money-saving: thanks to Claber research.